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you take them both and there you have

You take the good, you take the bad.

The good: Our water leak is fixed.
The bad: It cost $1600.
The good: If we submit documentation to the water board, they should adjust our sewer bill. The water lost is lost, but the sewer charge is based on water usage. The water was not really used, as it leaked into the yard (the leak was outside, not in the house, thank God), so there should be no sewer charge. If adjusted properly, that should cut the bill by $500.
The bad: This can take up to eight weeks to be corrected.

The good: Saw the new eye doctor today.
The bad: The old doctors took all their files, so I started all over as a blank slate.
The good: He says he's the permanent doctor and will be the one I see from now on.
The good: He says my pressure is not as bad as they made it seem, and my nerves look good, so he's taking me off the drops for two weeks to see what happens. If all's well, my visits will be every three to six months instead of every two to three weeks.
The bad: I've maybe wasted a lot of time and money on these drops for no reason.
The good: His office visit rates are lower.
The good: If he does keep me on drops, he might switch me to much cheaper ones.

All in all, I'll take it. It could have been a lot worse.
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