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not even kidding

omg this city.

The local schools have been closed for two days. Look out the window, there's nothing. There's a tiny patch or two of slush on the hill behind our house, and the roads are wet from rain and slight sleet, but that's it.

But everything SHUTS DOWN.

I'm from the midwest, so I remember going to school in a foot of snow. If you even say the word snow down here, everyone panics. (D and I went to Publix Saturday night to pick up a couple things, and it looked like Fallout in there.)

And this happens every year. We don't get a lot of snow or anything, but at least once a winter, we'll get "enough" ice that everyone freaks out about the roads. I don't know why they don't invest in proper winter road equipment, like salting trucks or whatever. Down here they put sand on the roads. That does nothing.

But the thing is, UAB is supposed to have classes today after being closed yesterday. But D's been following his email all day, and the women in his class tonight have all been whinging about the roads and asking the professor to reschedule class because OMG WHAT ABOUT OUR PERSONAL SAFETY. D thinks it's completely ridiculous, but the avalanche (see what I did there?) of email in the poor professor's inbox apparently was convincing enough to get her to cancel and reschedule class. Now D is pissed because he's going to have to make this up EVEN THOUGH IT'S PERFECTLY FINE OUT.

If this were some rare occurrence, I could maybe understand. But this happens every winter, and every time, people act like it's never been icy before.
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