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not a C

When Community came on last night, I actually squealed "Britta!" D said, "Man, it feels like forever since this was on."

I don't know why I've come to love Britta. If she were a real person, I wouldn't be able to stand her. You know she'd be one of those college girls on the internet who always has to lecture people because she Took A Class and therefore knows everything. And she's a cat person. Of course she is. But she can be such a dork, and I think that's endearing.

And my Zune would be a lonely place without "Getting Rid of Britta".

After Jeff's speech about letting Chang in over Rich, I had to let out a Marshall-style "Lawyered." Why is Jeff taking a second semester of Anthropology? Isn't he on a tight schedule to get his degree in four years? Dude will have to take summer classes to make stuff up. For someone who wasn't going to pick classes based on friendship, um, seems like you pretty much are. (I know, I know, it's for the premise of the show, but really.)

You know, I thought Jeff/Annie was cute last year, but can we get some Britta/Troy up in here?

This may have been the best episode this season so far. Up there with "Cooperative Calligraphy". Yeah, the parodies and homages are fun, but I like a standard episode now and then.
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