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the dullest of filler chapters

I managed to write about 730 words last night while D was gone. Not a lot, and not very good, but at least I got something down that I can work with.

Part of my problem is I have three plot points I want to cover in this chapter, and they only sort of go together, so I'm having trouble going from my outline of "I need to establish this, that, and the other" into a coherent flow of events and conversations.

And the conversations as written now are pretty anticlimactic. I mean, it goes:

Ingo: This is a problem.
Guy: Huh.
Nat: What if we do this?
Ingo: Oh, that could work.
Guy: Yay.

and then

Ingo: Have you thought about this?
Guy: No.
Ingo: Well, this is what Nat suggests.
Guy: Cool.

Covering two plot points in five seconds is just really... you know? It needs something.

I still haven't gone back and looked at the first part of the chapter I wrote back in November. It's still scribbled in my notebook and is probably a complete disaster.
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