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We'd stalled in our Buffy rewatch, either because of D's school or sheer "it'll always be there" laziness, but last night with nothing on TV, we got back to Season 2.

How convenient that we'd left off with "Phases", so our episode on deck was "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"! Awesome. D said he didn't remember it at all, so when Buffy was hitting on Xander, he was like, "What?" (Me: OTP!) Jenny and Joyce were particularly hilarious.

And since it was early, we decided to go on to the next episode, which is on the next disc, and so we didn't realize what it would be until the menu came up. "Passion". Oops. Downer!

Man, though, when this show was good, it was good. Remember when Marti Noxon wrote some of the best episodes of a season???
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