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lost weekend

I finally got around to playing FFXIII this weekend. D got it for me for Christmas (Target had it for $17, so he said if I wanted it, that was the time to get it), but I haven't been playing games much lately. With DAII coming out next week, he said, don't buy another game until you've played the ones you have, and he's right, of course.

I got about 11 hours into it, I guess. Right up to putting in Disc 2. Seemed like a good stopping point after two days.

It's all right. I guess my main issue is I find it hard to input battle commands and watch my health at the same time. With the meters on separate sides of the screen, it's hard to keep an eye on both. And I don't like having only two people in the party, because then I have to have the secondary person as the healer, which means most of the time they just stand there. And why is there so little money to be found? How are you supposed to buy stuff if there's no money? I'm guessing it's going to open up at some point.

I was going to get DAII when it's released, but if I can hold off, maybe I can get it for my birthday instead. The price won't go down in a month, I'm sure, but I'll have some birthday money I can use.
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