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and a hell of an engineer

So Kate and Will are EW's cover story. I'm not into the modern royals. I prefer my royals historical and/or fictional. But I guess I'll have to scan through this for... research. Yeah, that's the ticket.

There's a sidebar about some of the official and not-so merch being produced, including "Kiss Me Kate" pale ale. And this won't make it into the story, but if it amuses you, imagine everyone drinking "Helluva Guy" lager.

Part 12 is going to be so crappy though. And I'm going to have to scrap the beginning of it. What I've got is garbage and just does not work.

I'm going to give myself a couple weeks off from thinking about it, because all that does is make me more frustrated.

And I think I'm just annoyed that this section has to be plotty, so there won't be any fluff or flirting for a while. Boo.
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