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buffy and friends references!

Okay, I think part of my problem in getting this little scene written is I have two ideas that I'm trying to force into the same conversation even though they're not really related and would probably be better served in two separate things. But I want to do them both. But I don't think it's working. Therefore stuckness.

And why haven't I gotten my pre-ordered copy of Sweet Valley Confidential yet? I saw it in the store yesterday! I heard that two previously not-gay guys are gay now, and I need to know who! I've been hoping for Nicholas and Bruce, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jeffrey was. Even reading as a kid I thought he had... a quality.

Ten minutes later: UPS just dropped off my book! Oh, no, what do I do?

Read SVC.
Play DAII.

I just don't know!!!
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