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april foolishness meme

Taken from projectfri:

To be written during the month of april. Pick 10 of these terms and write a 100+ word drabble for each of them. (but if it's like 97 words or something, that's fine too.) The drabbles don't have to be of the same fandom.

1. Flowers
2. Rocketry
3. Overcautious
4. Prearranged
5. Engorge
6. Choreograph
7. Nefariously
8. Sanctum
9. Barehanded
10. Disappointment
11. Shibboleth
12. Farsightedness
13. Screenplay
14. Suture

I may not make it to ten, but I'm going to try to do at least five.

I have the one thing I owe that I'm going to try to finish this week. I think I'm going to have to drop the one angle because it's just not working being squozen in like that. It's going to have to go in its own thing.
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