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Okay, so I broke down and got Sims Medieval. Target had it on sale. And, well, I spent a lot of time playing it yesterday.

Natalia is my Monarch, of course. Her traits are Eloquent and Dedicated, and her fatal flaw is Hubris.

Guy is my Blacksmith. His traits are Earthy and Chivalrous, and his fatal flaw is that he's Cursed. He's courting the queen.

Luke is my Knight. His traits are Adventurous and Vain, and his fatal flaw is that he's a Fool.

Anise is my Spy. Her traits are Greedy and Excitable, and her fatal flaw is that she's a Compulsive Gambler.

Ion is my Peteran Priest. His traits are Good and Friendly, and his fatal flaw is Weak Constitution.

Jade is my Wizard. His traits are Jokester and Scholarly, and his fatal flaw is that he's a Drunkard.

Tear will be my Jacoban Priest. I haven't built her housing yet, because you have to do everything piecemeal, but she's next. I think I'll make Ginji my Merchant and Noelle my Bard for no particular reason except that someone has to be and I've kind of run out of character-appropriate jobs. Then I'll need a Physician, and, hell, maybe that'll be Merton. But that means I'll need to come up with a "canon" first name for him. I've never given him a first name. The only real "backstory" I have for him is that he's from St Binah and has a sister there. That's nothing that ever comes up, but it's in my head.

This game is not as sandboxy and is definitely quest and task oriented, which is kind of fun. Except I didn't realize that the Responsibilities had to be done. I thought they were optional. Then Guy didn't do his and he got a negative Moodlet out of it. Oops. So I didn't make that mistake again.

I'm a total cornball, so the humor in this game cracks me up. Like, when Guy's smithing, he gets a Moodlet that says, "Hammer Tyme! Ye shall not touch this!" Which is hilarious on so many levels.

I love that some of the quests require certain people/jobs to work together. Like Guy and Ion worked together to create a legendary sword (Ion researched, Guy made it). And then some are solo efforts.

Oh, and Luke and Anise hooked up when working on a Knight/Spy quest together. She had to free him from the lure of a cursed sword. So now they're courting, too. Sorry, Tear. It's not like you exist yet anyway, though.
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