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writing what? - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
writing what?
Oh, and I've started a second play of DAII, because I suck, and I've been doing that the last three days.

I've got a female mage called Cecille this time. I downloaded the Sebastian thing, so even if the romance option stalls out with him, at least he's better than the other male romance options. Ugh, Fenris and Fucking Anders. I just call him Fucking Anders now.

And while I can't stand Fenris as a character? As a fighter, he's pretty badass, and I can appreciate that. I had him down in the Deep Roads, because I didn't want to take Carver, whom I'd been toting around everywhere else. Ugh, Carver. Are all the men in this game just annoying as hell? The only one who isn't is Varric, and he's not romanceable.

So I'm hoping Sebastian is at least charming in some way, despite his backstory. I mean, hey, if Guy can get over it....

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