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what is your childhood trauma

I finished my second play of DAII.

Oh, Sebastian. I was predisposed to love you, I confess. I knew the flirting would get me nowhere, and I didn't care. You had to be better than Fenris and Fucking Anders, you just had to!

Then you bowed to my dog, and you had me forever.

I like a good, noble guy. I just do. Some people are into the broody tortured types, or the woobie bad boys, but I like good guys.

I wish the flirting options weren't so... unequivocal. I wish there were more than one flirting option. It was interesting in my first play when my dude was sleeping with Isabela, and trying to be all "what's wrong with love" when she was all "it's called rutting, and that's all it is". Now this time I have my darling Choir Boy who says his only bride is Andraste (and if she's the bride of the Maker, then in the words of Peyton Sawyer, that's a creepy threesome!), and so my flirting option is for my girl to say, "Who's talking marriage? What about just two people and one sweaty night?" Which is all well and good, but NOT THE WAY TO CONVINCE HIM.

(And of course, he's all "Yes, I'm tempted, but if I gave in, I wouldn't be worthy" which SWOON!)

So the romance options in this game need work. It's nice that we have them, but I'd like to see more than one flirting option. It'd be nice if you could tailor the flirting to the character. Isabela will be all for a sweaty night with no strings, but Seb needs more sensitivity and understanding than that!

I think it's impossible for a character of mine not to be friends (or more) with Isabela. She's just too damn much fun. This time they had a total girlmance, and she's like, "You're the best friend I've ever had!" Hell yeah! Let's tear Kirkwall up!

And I made friends with Fenris this time! I don't know how, given that Cecille was a mage. At least he saw the irony. "My only friend in the world is a mage. How the hell did that happen?" Hey, if she's your only friend, whatcha doing playing cards with Varric and Donnic and whoever else?

Oh, man, and this time I got to kill Fucking Anders. Man, that was sweet! I asked my party for opinions, and only Merrill was really in favor in giving him another chance, which fits her character, because it would be hypocritical for her otherwise (not that Fucking Anders wasn't an uberhypocrite his own stupid self). I think Isabela only gave a half-hearted "so, quash the rebels, eh" argument, and Varric was all, "I'm just over this shit."

And of course my boy Sebastian was all, "If that had been me in there, would you be waffling like this?" AND HE WAS RIGHT OF COURSE. I love him.

I talked D into playing some last night, because he was still at the Deep Roads on his first play, and I can't talk to him about this stupid game because I don't want to spoil it, but he knows I hate Fucking Anders.

He's like, "Why don't you like him?" And I can't tell him it's because Fucking Anders is a TERRORIST, so I have to say, "He's just so whiny, and he's a hypocrite. Plus, he's a cat person." Of course he is. Never trust a cat person.

For all this game's faults, I still love it. I almost want Sebastian/Female!Hawke fic.
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