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where were we

Oh, apparently I chose a good week to go on vacation, if LJ was all wonky again.

I kinda scribbled down a couple of things for the drabblethon while D played poker, but I don't know if I'll actually post them. Will have to work on them a bit more, I guess.


I also seriously need to get the next finished part of HF put on ff.net. I've done some tweaking but I'm still unhappy with the last scene between Nat and the duchess.

And maybe this week I'll actually get working on the next part, because after this, I've got nothing in reserve to go up. I'll be working from chapter-to-chapter from here on. I got so spoiled having all that in the pipeline. Stupid plot. Stupid swordfighting scene. Why won't you write yourself? I write everything else. Pitch in, dammit.
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