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she might just be the one who's going to save us all

And we finally finished Buffy Season Two last night. We'd quit for a while, then watched the last five episodes in two days. D got on a kick, and who am I to refuse?

When we started this rewatch, D hadn't really seen much of it since it went off. I'll watch reruns when I can find them (Chiller has them on at 7am weekdays), or sometimes put in a disc if I'm in a Buffy mood, but he had a lot of gaps in his memory about things. Sometimes he'd say, "Oh, yeah, I know what happens here" and others, "Wow, I don't remember this episode at all."

And he said, "Okay, I see why you love Xander so much." Because Xander is awesome! He was totally Key Guy. He was totally Buffy's second. Always had her back. Always there to save her, not because she needed saving, but because he wouldn't leave her.

You know, they really messed with his character later, but at the same time, ignoring him as they did meant he kinda came out the best in the end. He got his act together, he had a real job that he was good at and was becoming a career, which was more than anyone else had going.

And I'm with him on the big "lie" in "Becoming". I know why he did it, I don't hate him for it, and I don't think he's irredeemable because of it. I don't think it even requires redemption, because he had to say what no one else would. He had to be the one to put forth that it might not work and they couldn't count on it and why were they even bothering anyway.

I always say that Season Three is my favorite. In terms of plot and everything, it is. But Season Two really has it all in terms of characterization. I think from that standpoint, S2 might be a bit better. The characters just completely shine here.

Willow and her love of teaching! Where did that go? Where was that Willow when we needed her?

And Cordy! D and I had some massive Cordy love here in the second half of the season. Still snarky, still bitchy, and a good friend besides.

Spike when he was still entertaining. Non-woobie Spike.

Crazy, crazy Dru.

Tragic Giles.

Oz. Just Oz.

Kendra, Jenny, Joyce.... you all were so missed later. I love Faith, but would gladly have had more Kendra.

D wants to stop after Season Three. He says that's where it ends for him. He's not wrong.
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