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dingoes ate my baby

We watched "Lovers Walk" last night and decided, man, this should have been the last we saw of Spike. Sure, he was fun and popular in Season Two, so this was his encore: "Spike, ladies and gentlemen! Let's hear it for him one more time!" Going out blasting "My Way" to get Dru back, that should have been it.

It always sucks to try to remember things as they originally happened and then remember how they ended up.

Every time Buffy was all "I violently dislike you, get out of my life forever", I just... you know? You just hate thinking how that all goes down later. Worst pairing ever!

And the Xander/Willow thing went on for like four episodes! That's a lot of illicit smoochies for someone who'll later claim it was a formalwear fluke. Just be bi, Willow. It's okay!

Aw, heartbroken Cordy. Who knew she had a heart?

Damn, but Giles really does get conked on the head a lot. One day he'll wake up in a coma!
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