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the pairing I never knew I liked

You mean to tell me there's Betty/Reggie happening in Life With Archie and I've been missing it?

This is what I get for not buying an Archie comic in over a decade.

I did notice in B&N the other day that the "Double" Digests are about half the size they used to be. Remember when a Double Digest was actually twice the size of a regular Digest?

I used to buy these things all the time, especially when we'd visit my grandparents in Florida for the summer. I'd go to every different grocery store looking for all the series. My cousin B and I would read the words off them. And flea markets were a great place to find older comics for pretty cheap.

I'm kinda sad that I got rid of all my Archie comics when I moved out of my parents' house. I only have a couple of digests that managed to escape the big clean-out.

Archie (the TV series, not the boy) was one of my very, very first loves, along with New Zoo Revue, back in the late 70s. When I was three or four--certainly no older, because I know it was before my parents got divorced--I had Archie paper dolls that I kept on the top bunk bed so that my little sister couldn't get them and tear them up. I'd climb up there to play with them.

Ah, nostalgia....
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