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I won Dungeons and Dragons, and it was advanced!

Like I did last summer, I've been rewatching this season's Community on Hulu. I've found I like a lot of the episodes more than I did the first time around, and even the ones I don't like as much still have some great lines and character moments.

"Early 21st Century Romanticism" has probably my favorite Jeff line of the year:

Troy: Jeff, what do you do when you and your best friend want to ask the same girl to the Valentine’s Dance but neither of you have dibs because you both fell in love with her at first sight?

Jeff: Well, I don’t believe in dibs, or love at first sight, or love, or best friends, or doing things, but it's good you brought this to me.

And "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" is up too! I love Britta in this episode. "I have three armors" indeed.
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