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Today is D's first day standing in front of a class instead of working with kids one-on-one. He's been given ten minutes to introduce the unit.

He went over it with me yesterday and it took twenty minutes. Oops. I told him he did a good job and it was really informative and interesting, but it's too long and he needed to cut some things. He said yeah but he didn't want to cut anything. So he tried again, just racing through it and reading right off the slides. That alone took nine minutes.

So we'll see.

He's pretty nervous, not about the speaking part, but because he says my sister gave him a complex when she asked/joked if he was going to be like our notoriously boring high school history teacher. Lord, that man could drone. I told D, no, you're not like that, and my biggest problem with that class was not the droning, but that it was first period, and so that droning was happening at 7:30 am when I wasn't even awake yet.

I told him he should be like Mr. Feeny.
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