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accidentally on purpose

So I accidentally started a third play of DAII. They had a new DLC so I got that and played it with Cecille, my mage, then was looking at the achievements page and saw there was one for reaching Kirkwall with all three classes. Since I'd done a rogue and a mage, I created a warrior chick called Olivia and planned on just getting to Kirkwall for the achievement.

And now I'm almost done with the second act. I can't help it. I know this game isn't the best, and that despite the choices you make, you can't really change anything, but there's something I love about it.

But is there anyone you can sleep with where they won't immediately jump up and act like it was the biggest mistake ever? Even Isabela couldn't get out of my house fast enough the first time, and this time it was stupid Fenris. And, you know, for someone who's supposed to be all broody and tortured and shit, he was pretty damn receptive to flirting.

I still wish Varric was romanceable, but maybe it's enough that you can kind of have a jokey flirty friends banter with him. He is seriously the best male character in the game. Though I love Sebastian the born again virgin, too. Poor Cecille never did get laid.

And, ugh, Fucking Anders. I got him in the rival zone this time. I know that any time I get a "Anders friendship (+5)" note, I've made a wrong choice. But I have to keep dragging him around because he's my healer. That was the great thing about being a mage: Cecille was a spirit healer, so I didn't need Fucking Anders. What I do with him depends on whether I get Bethany back at the end. Cecille got to kill him and it was the best thing ever.

The worst thing ever is all the spam comments I've been getting. Knock it off, assholes. It sucks to see a bunch of comment notifications in my email and realize they're all garbage.
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