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Five books in November, plus a manga, plus two other books started. I may slow down my reading this month because of the holidays and because I seriously need to get back to writing. I really, really was working on HF before I got sick, and I need to get back to it, plus the like three things I owe.

Click Here for Murder by Donna Andrews
Emily Ever After by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt
The Very Picture of You by Isabel Wolff
The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
Crossed by Ally Condie

Yotsuba to v10

I wasn't supposed to buy Crossed because D was going to get it for me for Christmas, but B&N had it for 60% off and I couldn't pass up that deal. Man, the Society is a liberal's wet dream, isn't it. I can't imagine why anyone would want to rebel!

Picture was like someone tried to write an Isabel Wolff book. Definitely not one of my favorites. The adultery/cheating theme was just so heavy-handed, and the relationship between Ella and what's his name (Nate? He was such a non-entity I've already forgotten) didn't work yet was completely predictable. I was mostly interested in what Ella was going to do about her father. That part was relatable, and the romance stuff should have been chucked.

I thought I'd get the Benedict Society books for my nephew for Christmas but wanted to at least vet it first. It wasn't bad. Don't know if I'll read the rest, but I did go ahead and get him the box set. My sister says he loves reading, so yay kid!
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