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horseshoes and hand grenades

Well, the best laid schemes o mice and men. I've been helping D all week, proofreading/editing all his final papers and projects. It was a ton of stuff, but he's got most of it submitted now. Next week he has just one final, so I'll be helping him prep for that, and maybe while he's downtown, I can go out for coffee and sit with a notebook.

I have been trying, though. I've opened HF and sat there and looked at it and tried desperately to figure out how to make this scene work, but I suck at suspense.

I've got ideas for the stuff I owe, too, it's just a matter of having the time/energy/push to get them down.


I've got Christmas stuff, too. I've got to finish shopping, do cards, wrap stuff, and we still don't even have our tree up. Man, stuff has just been too damn busy around here and Christmas is going to pass us by before we even know it.

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