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plus or minus seven

Books read in December. This month was just too busy.

The Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

Otomen v11

That makes a total of 50 books and 18 manga/comics for the year, and doesn't include anything that was a reread. These were all firsts.

I want to quote so much of Mindy's book. I loved it. But I'd end up quoting the whole thing, so I won't. So much I was feeling her on (I'd rather read than be forced to participate in anything athletic), and a few things I didn't (sorry, but Sarah Silverman is not funny; Laura is and always has been the superior Silverman sister. Come on, Mindy, you said you watched Dr. Katz!)

I may have possibly been inspired by her book to write a series of personal essays this year. I wouldn't expect anyone to be interested in reading them, but I think it'd be a good writing exercise for me.
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