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my grandfather's granddaughter - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
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my grandfather's granddaughter
I'm cheap, I admit it. I hate to lose money. I like a deal.

Since it looked like I would lose 20% of my gift card's value by trying to sell it, I looked desperately at Victoria's Secret's website to find something, anything to get. As much as I hate using a gift card for the sake of it and getting something I don't want just to use it, I didn't want to lose $10 by trying to sell it.

I saw they have shoes. I don't like buying shoes mail-order because I can't try them on, but I thought, why not, I'll look.

These boots were on clearance, from $89 to $45. My gift card was for $50, so with tax and shipping, I'd be out $6 of my own money. Not too bad, I figured.

Then I saw they had a coupon for 30% off clearance boots.

So with the clearance and the coupon, I still have $9 on this damn card.

But cute boots! And if they don't fit, I guess I'll send them back and get the next size up/down.


D thinks my mom is trying to tell me something with these gift cards. Last year it was a Sephora card (???), and this year Victoria's Secret. If she is trying to tell me something, it's that she has me confused with my sister, I guess.

Current Mood: ditzy cheap
Current Music: true faith--new order

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