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even worse!


D got me a couple of games for Christmas, and I've been playing them on and off, switching between the two (one's a Kinect, so I play that when I feel like standing, and the other when I don't).

And he got Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

He said, "Oh, you should play this. You would like it." I said I have the two games he got me and I'm good. He said, well, at least make a character and do the first bit so you can check it out.

And now I've been playing it for the last three days instead of working on my chapter.

He's a bad influence.

I did get my housework done yesterday, so at least I'm not a total lump. It's just for my freetime, writing isn't my priority, when it really needs to be.

And Game Informer has its list of the worst characters again--it's actually "top 10 dorks", and Alistair was one last year, but this year, it says:

"If you want a companion who acts like a crybaby about everything, Anders is your man. After years of effort, Bioware has perfected dorkiness; Anders is a bigger wiener than Alistair and whines even more than Carth, making him a true pinnacle of failure."


I did kill him again in my third play. Good times.
Tags: not now! i'm playing video games!

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