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Looking forward to hearing Daniels speak tonight. I really like him. I wish he were running. I understand why he's not, but still.

I'm not a great fan of Romney, but the more the media goes after him for HAVING THE AUDACITY TO BE SUCCESSFUL MY GOD, the more I find myself thinking, well, I don't hate him, and I don't begrudge anyone for having money. They keep using the phrase "the average American", and watching the news this morning, D and I realize that we are not this "average American" they keep talking about, because we actually understand how business and capitalism work, and we have no problem with people being rich. Heck, we make our money the same way he does basically, just not on that scale. We live off investment income. We'd never demonize anyone for doing the same.

But look at what this country's become. Instead of the land of opportunity where success is the goal, we now punish success and subsidize failure. Is that the kind of "hope" and "change" you wanted? Really? REALLY??

We're going to end up with another four years of Odumbass, aren't we? Because enough people in this country really are that fucking stupid to fall for this "fair share" bullshit.

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