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life moves pretty fast

On CNBC this morning they were talking about the Honda (?) commercial based on Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and how much it actually cost to do this ad campaign compared to what it cost to make the whole movie, and the guy was like, "Yeah, but that was 26 years ago, too."

And I'm thinking, holy crap, that was 26 years ago?

Man, this means my 20th high school reunion will be this year. I'm not going, but dang, how on earth has it been that long?

D was all, "Yeah, and just wait until you hit 40!" Oh, hell no. I am never turning 40. That means I'll have to give up all my fannish obsessions, because a 40 year old getting all squee over stuff is just sad. (I mean, look at D, whose favorite Christmas gift this year was a K-ON coffee mug.)
Tags: i love the 80s
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