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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
and what do you get
D's been after me to take some of my books to the used bookstore for cash/credit, and I finally got to it today. He's also the one who said I should sign up for paperbackswap three years ago, and I did (checking my history just now, I've swapped out 150 books in that time). So I took anything that's been listed on my PBS account for over a year, plus some other stuff from around the house that I know I won't read again, and ended up filling up one of their big bins--they're the size of those bins from the post office.

For all that, they offered me a whopping $16 cash. Or $38 trade credit. So I took the credit. I know it defeats the purpose of getting stuff out of the house just to buy more, but I mean, come on, sixteen bucks? Really? Only three of my books were rejected, though, so I didn't bring much home. And a lot of them I'd bought at Half-Price Books or the paperback outlet anyway, so.

I managed not to spend the credit yet. I looked around but thought I should think on it first instead of impulse spending it. They did have one CD I've been looking for that's out of print, but because it's out of print, it was $15. I don't know that I want to pay $15 for essentially one song. I guess if they still have it when I go back, I'll maybe get it.

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