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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
no vampire dystopia here!
Only three books in March, plus two manga. I really thought I'd do better.

The Accidental Family by Rowan Coleman
Playing with the Grown-Ups by Sophie Dahl
Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Stepping on Roses (Hadashi de Bara wo Fume) v7
Dengeki Daisy v9

And the first two are going up on PBS. Ugh, the person who recommended Grown-Ups, was like, "Well, if you liked I Capture the Castle..." Um, where exactly was the comparison. Young female protagonist? That's all I got. I'll reread Castle next time instead, okay?

Ruby Red I really did like though. Looking forward to the next one.

As for Roses, I swear, if it turns out that Sumi [Spoiler (click to open)]is Nozomu's long lost sister, I will be totally pissed off.

Also? Not enough Komai. GO HOME.

Current Mood: frustrated frustrated
Current Music: don't dream it's over--howie day

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