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bringing a sword to a gunfight and winning

We started our official ToA rewatch last week and are already through episode 17. We've been watching two or three at a time because D says it's easier for him to follow the plot that way, and hey, who am I to argue, especially since it meant I got to watch 12-14 on my birthday.

He says he remembered up to about Akzeriuth but didn't really remember too much beyond that, and says he's enjoying it much more this time around. He loves him some Tear and, as expected, is a Luke/Tear shipper. He always says if a story does a good job, he feels no need to go beyond anything presented in the canon. He misses all the fun that way, but whatever.

Natalia's "Do you remember me?" to Asch actually made me cry. Man, they break my heart.

At least we agree that we both love Ion. Cutest pope ever! If Asch/Natalia makes me cry, Ion's going to totally destroy me.

Maybe we should quit while we're ahead.

I haven't been working on my next chapter. I'd written part of the opening scene back when I was stuck on the last part, but haven't moved beyond that. I need to figure something out.
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