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boys and their toys

D is so adorable.

He's been tracking his computer and saw last night that it had arrived in the city at the sorting center or whatever. His plan was to call today and see if he could go pick it up.

He woke up at five and couldn't get back to sleep because he was thinking about it. Around ten, he tried to go back to bed and take a nap before lunch, but nope, still too excited to sleep.

After lunch he called and was told he couldn't pick it up because it was still crated or whatever at the airport, but it will be delivered Tuesday, since tomorrow's Sunday and Monday is a holiday.

Which we knew up front would be the case.

But he's so sad now! Awwwwwwww.

He's cursing himself for not ordering it just one day sooner! Like it wasn't enough that he called from the car as we were driving back from Mississippi to order it. (I told him just wait until we get home, and he was all, no, it's a long boring drive anyway and I want it now! So I made him let me drive so he wouldn't be trying to order a computer and drive at the same time.)
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