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and who shot Mr. Burns

We watched the History Bee on History Channel last night, and I was surprised how many pop culture questions there were.

I mean, the winning question was basically "What band was Freddie Mercury in?" Crucial knowledge, yes, but not really what I'd consider a history question.

These kids were all middle schoolers, so it was fun to see where the gaps in their knowledge base were. Questions about the 80s and 90s seemed to trip them up the most.

Al Roker was pretty annoying as a host, though. When none of the kids knew that the answer to a question about The Ewings and "Who shot JR" was Dallas, he said, well, I'm sure your parents back in the day had the big shoulder pads and all.... And I was like, Al? If these kids are thirteen, then their parents are my age. I know Dallas, I know who shot JR, but come on, that's a show my mom watched.
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