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there's no more than we've already got

While it's not an ending to Shadows, I did intend Three Gold Rings to take place after the end of Shadows, so at least it reveals what would have happened in that regard.

Although I think it's abundantly clear from this piece that I've completely lost the ability to write these characters and this relationship.

I went ahead and added the word "discontinued" to the summaries for my unfinished CCS fics on ff.net. Rather than take them down completely in case anyone still wants to read them as they are, at least this should emphasize that they are no longer being worked on. If that discourages new readers, then that's what happens.

And, hey, at least this way, everyone who was dreading the T/Y breakup in WIDK can now imagine a happy ending!!

I'm still having trouble with the next part of HF, but this one I am still committed to. At least until we finally get to the sex, dammit.
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