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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
something to watch during the summer besides food network star??
I finally watched the pilot of Bunheads on demand this morning.

Aw, Cameron! I've only read the very beginning of the thread on TWoP when it was still in the promo/preview phase, and someone said, "At least we're starting with the couple married instead of five years of will-they-won't-they!" Be careful what you wish for.

I hope the characters develop distinct personalities, because this was very Gilmore Girls lite and makes me wonder if Amy can only write one type of character. Michelle was Lorelai without a kid. Heck, she even looks like her. And awesome as Kelly Bishop is, she was Emily with a Miss Patty overlay. It'll be interesting to see how the Fanny-Michelle relationship evolves so it's not just a watered down version of the Emily-Lorelai relationship. I hope. But having her basically yell at Michelle, "God, with the quippy chatty, do you ever shut up?" just sort of reinforced it, even if it was supposed to be kind of a winky reference. I'm guessing.

Even Sam Phillips was there for strummy-strummy-la-la interludes over the shots of the quaint little town, Stars Hollow on the beach.

The girls were cute, kinda one-dimensional and shorthanded for right now, but it's a pilot, so it'll be nice to see them develop, too.

I want to like this show, but please don't be a retread. Find your own path.

But, geez, that ending. What a weird set-up. Was there really not a better way?

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