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not just another negotiation

I haven't been spending much time online lately. Every so often I go through these phases where I just get sick of it. It all seems so repetitious, there's never anything new, and it's just so damn boring. So I back away from it for a while.

But I haven't really been doing anything worthwhile with my time instead. Well, I did go to the doctor last week and the dentist this week. Fun. D says I should hit the trifecta and go see the eye doctor about new glasses, but I told him I'm doctored out.

I need to get back to writing. I'm so stuck. I've realized the ending I'm working toward doesn't work and I've got to fix that, but that has nothing to do with this chapter. I need to focus on one chapter at a time and not worry about something ten chapters or more from now. That's always been my problem. I don't focus on what I need to do now; I freeze up because I'm worried about what I'll need to do later. Some people meticulously outline. I only vaguely outline. I like to keep things open and flexible, because you never know what little surprises will come up along the way and change your direction, but I have this weird dichotomy of trying to go with the flow while being completely paralyzed by "but what if the flow is WRONG?"
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