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Mackie is not a boomer

We finished that Natsuiro Kiseki or whatever it's called. Or I'm guessing we did, unless there's like a bonus episode or whatever. It was kind of cute, and I liked it more than I thought I would, but I'm glad it was short. And they do get bonus points for cramming their version of Endless Eight into one episode. For a minute I was like, "Oh, Lord, save me from another Endless Eight!"

And we've been rewatching Bubblegum Crisis, which is the first anime D ever made me watch back when we were young kids just dating and stuff. So I guess this is my fourth time through it? I still love Mackie, even if he is a little perv. AND NOT A BOOMER, DAMMIT! (D knows that my first album will be called "Mackie is not a boomer".)

But I did forget how much I loved the Leon/Daley stuff, not in a full-on shipping way but a buddy-cop-bromance way. They crack me up.

Then we'll be watching the new season of Dog Days (which I also didn't expect to like but kind of did), and some other thing D found that's some Sword Online or something, I forget.

I can't quite get into Bunheads yet. I'm trying. So far it's just too much set-up, not enough getting on with it.

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