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so come on over romeo and vamos a la playa - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
so come on over romeo and vamos a la playa
D found out he didn't have class this week, so he said, "You know, this will be my last chance for any sort of vacation until after graduation. I need to go somewhere."

So I poked around and checked prices trying to find something cheap--yeah, let's go to the beach in summer, they don't jack the hotel rates up for that!--and suggested we go to Lookout Mountain. It's close, it's cheap, and I've never been up to Ruby Falls and stuff, despite years and years of family car trips to Florida and passing all the Ruby Falls/Rock City signs (my sister and I even made a game of counting the signs--if you've ever driven through Tennessee, you get this).

But D hemmed and hawed and couldn't get excited about that. He countered with "How much are hotels at Disney World?"

I looked. "Cheaper than the beach. Here's one that says stay three nights, get the fourth night free."

"Book it."

So we took an impromptu trip to Disney World this week.

I'll try to catch up on stuff tomorrow, if there's anything to catch up on. Right now we're beat.

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Current Music: summer's not hot--selena gomez & the scene

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