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holy cow (and chikin)

D had to get his car serviced today, so I picked him up so we could go eat lunch. He suggested Chick-fil-A since it's nearby and across the street from Target, where I needed to go anyway to get my sister a birthday gift card.

Man, forget that! This controversy is certainly good for their business. The line was out the door and people were parked all up and down the street and in an empty parcel lot next door.


We ended up at Logan's.

But it's crazy how this has been in the news. I mean, it's never been a secret that this is a company that adheres to Christian values. It's closed on Sundays, for crying out loud. Why are people suddenly surprised?

And if I had to research every single company I ever bought from to make sure their employees' and founders' political and religious beliefs lined up lock-step with mine, well, I'd never be able to leave the house again. I certainly wouldn't be able to watch movies or TV ever again.

I'll try again tomorrow when D's at school. If I get out early enough, I can pick up some Chick-n-minis for breakfast. Mmm, they're like little bites of heaven!
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