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too many hours or not enough

Ugh, I suck. Not only have I started a reboot of Sims 3, I've started a new playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. I didn't mean to. I was looking for something to do one night and thought I'd play the mage origin story and that's it, but then... Alistair. Oh, I do love you Ali, but I don't pay you to think, okay?

And I've been helping D with his work a lot. We spent Sunday on a lesson plan, and today I watched a video for him and wrote down some key points. I've also started retooling his resume.

But I really need to get started on the next chapter of HF this week. I've kind of got outlined what's going to happen, it's just... if you thought nothing happened in the last chapter, then this one's going to be worse.
Tags: not now! i'm playing video games!

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