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imagine peace

Oddly, they put us in a bigger auditorium this time, but there was a lighter turn out. I hope that doesn't bode badly for future showings.

Norman! I can't believe there's more tales of Norman and his purgatory of ennui. Unnnnggggghhhh.

Birdemic may actually be a worse movie than "Manos". Well, you know... "Manos". As D says, it's almost beautiful in its weirdness. And at least it didn't look and sound like it was all shot on someone's cell phone. "Solnapls!" Only a douche from the bay area could make a movie about a software/solar panel salesman being tormented by killer birds (after about an hour of filler "romance" and stock options!) and still find plenty of time to preach about global warming. The real inconvenient truth was in Rod's pants.

I hope if there's another Rifftrax Live, D can make it. He's been so bummed that he can't go, and they're just so much fun.
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