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so maybe the little part should win

I need to try to get some writing done this week.

I need to finally make an official start on the next chapter of HF instead of going over the one scene I know I'm doing in my head. The other parts need focus, too.

But there's this little part of me that wants to write Sofia/James fic. It's sad that I'm almost 40 and my favorite new show is targeted to preschoolers.

D finally, briefly, started reading HF. But he only got to chapter two and quit. He said he's going to go back to it, that he liked it, but come on. The first chapter is supposed to make you want to keep reading. That he didn't go back to see what happens next means I failed. I guess this is why most of my reviewers bailed. I'm not doing enough to make people want to see what comes next.
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