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oh no nola

I swear I hate New Orleans. Every time I go there it sucks. Then a few years go by and we go back, and it still sucks.

We went on a cruise to celebrate D's graduation (visiting my parents at Christmas was NOT a vacation), and since NOLA is only a five hour drive from here, we thought it'd be easier sailing from there than down in Tampa. Ha ha, it's never that easy.

His mom and her husband went with us (to NOLA, not on the cruise), and none of us had any idea that Mardi Gras parades started in the middle of January, and all the roads were shut down, and we couldn't get to our hotel until almost midnight, even though we arrived in the city before three in the afternoon. After sitting in traffic for two hours, following our GPS which couldn't help us given all the streets were blocked off, and finally calling the hotel asking for alternate directions which also didn't work because that guy told us the same thing our GPS did (and we paid effing roaming charges on our cellphone for no reason, because we were asking him for an ALTERNATE route, which ultimately he couldn't give us), we finally paid to park in random downtown parking, left our bags in the trunk and walked several blocks to the hotel just so we could at least check in and eat dinner and stuff.

At least coming back yesterday wasn't so bad. We got in early enough that we were off the boat before eight and could get the hell out of there before they started closing all the roads for the game.

And the actual trip part was fun, but I swear, I'm going to think really seriously about going out of Tampa if we ever do it again.
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