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what was so sweet about it?

I just finished The Sweet Life today and couldn't wait until my end-of-month round-up to post my reaction. I know it was previously released as e-novellas or something, but since I don't do e-books, I waited until the hardbound edition.

Oh, man. You know, Sweet Valley Confidential was bad, but this was even worse, because it's sad to see 30-year-olds still acting like high schoolers. When the most sympathetic character in Sweet Valley is Bruce Fucking Patman, you may have problems. Lila was completely hateable, Jessica was as dependent on a man for her self-worth as ever (and Jessica Wakefield is somebody's mother? That poor kid), Elizabeth was... Elizabeth, and I still don't see the Greatest Love of All Time between Jessica and Todd, two people who absolutely have zero in common.

And the kidnapping plot? I saw it coming the second the POV switched to the nanny. And how hilarious that the whole thing was resolved in SIX PAGES. Talk about lack of suspense. Why even bother. Geez, what a token plot to throw Steven and Aaron's way.

BUT THE ENDING. Oh my gosh, it was all worth it for the very last page. Best burn in Sweet Valley History! Bruce is my hero.

I've been a casual Bruce/Nicholas shipper, but I can go with this, too.

Back with SVC I was disappointed that Nicholas wasn't around, but now I'm glad. I like to think he got the hell away from these dysfunctional a-holes and is off living the real sweet life.
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