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I guess simlasca is a florida retirement community

I've been playing Sims for the first time in a few months. D got me Seasons for Christmas.

My LukeSim died! He drowned in the pool. During a pool party.

Kinda brought down the room.

Ironically, he was my superstar athlete sim.

I told D this, and he said maybe it was foul play! Was anyone else around? Well, yes, the pool was packed. It was the first time I've ever had a pool party where the sims actually got in the damn pool. Maybe someone held him under!

Poor AniseSim is heartbroken now. They were eternally faithful! Now I'll have to find her another rich husband.

Fortunately (?) AschSim has been hitting on her. Um, okay then.

I'd say poor NataliaSim, but she's been bootycalling GuySim. Seriously, when you call him after midnight asking if he wants to "hang out", what else could that be? Definite BCI.

My sims are just a bunch of dirty ducks.
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