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more than one, but the main one

If there's one thing I hate about being a homeowner, it's yard work. We spent almost three hours out in the yard this afternoon. There's been so much rain this year that our backyard is like a marsh, but D didn't want to wait any longer, because it's only going to get hotter, so we were out there, stepping out of our shoes and making "glppshfft" sucking sounds as we tried to get around in the mud. Plus, all that water means bugs. Gnats just swarming everywhere. The most useless, insidious bugs. We have a gnat problem about ten months out of the year. I hate them.

We worked on weeds, planted flowers, put out ten bags of mulch, trimmed the hedges, mowed the lawn....

D said that's it. We're done. Other than the occasional mow, we're not doing any other yard stuff this year. Get it all over with at once.

I swear, I don't understand how people can actually enjoy gardening.
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