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and we won't talk about Smash

Somehow I keep getting behind on my shows. I think part of it is that D only watches about half of what I watch, so I'm used to watching On Demand anyway, but last fall when he was in school it was easier because I could catch up the next day while he was gone. Now that he's here most of the time I don't want to either abandon him to watch TV by himself or make him watch something he doesn't care about.

So anyway, this morning I finally got caught up on Once Upon A Time, which he actually had been watching but bailed on mid-season because he's smarter than I am. I said I would stick it out to the end of the year just to see where it was going.

And, ugh, but the Spike-ification of Regina is going to make me give it up, too. I thought this was going to be a show about the Charmings reclaiming their family and their kingdom, but no, it's yet another show where the heroes have to be stupid so the villain can stay around and ultimately be "redeemed" though some shallow plot-contrived act.

Now I need to get caught up on Revenge, but it's also suffering from second-season syndrome. And I don't think it's a coincidence that both shows are all the worse for introducing stupid shadow organizations. It's like there's some kind of seminar on cliches that all writers go to but take away the wrong message from. Or it's like, "Here, watch Buffy from Season Four on and pay attention to everything that ruined the show." "Hey, those things are cool! I'm going to do them in my show, too!"

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