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Oh my gosh, the new episode of Sofia had great James/Sofia stuff.… - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
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Oh my gosh, the new episode of Sofia had great James/Sofia stuff. Even D started getting into it with me. And Amber continues to rock hard. And finally, official canon confirmation that James and Amber are twins! I thought they had to be, but they've never come out and said so. There was a vague reference in Once Upon a Princess. (Also one of these days I need to screencap the DVD for some better icons. I need an Amber icon!)

I need to get this next part of HF finished so I can get back to my James/Sofia fic. If all the people asking me this week if HF is going to be continued isn't motivation enough, then maybe that will get me going. It's almost done, really, I'm just having such a hard time here with Jo and I think I'm going to just scrap the rest of the scene and end it a little earlier than I thought. I'll keep what I had in case I change my mind, though. Then just finishing the transition scene, and it's done.

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