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holly would rather stay awake forever than have this dream again

Yikes, only one book and two manga in May. Part of it was spending time writing instead of reading, and part of it was a horribly boring book that took me three weeks to finish.

Holly Would Dream by Karen Quinn

Otomen v14
Love on the Job v1

I picked up Holly on the bargain table and thought it sounded cute enough. I love Audrey Hepburn, so a book in a sort of romcom madcap style with lots of Audrey references seemed like it would be perfect fluff.

Holy crap, was it dull. The main character was so uninteresting (and DUMB), the references forced and clunky, and the romance so unbelievable I kept rolling my eyes. And the sex scenes.... I read the author interview in the back where she said she researched how to write sex scenes. Like, read several books on the topic. And this ickiness was the best she could do? I've never researched how to write sex scenes, but sorry, I think mine are better. Or at least, significantly less ICKY.

Normally I wouldn't bother finishing a book I disliked this much. Life is too short to read bad books. But I kept thinking it would get better. Never did. The ending was just flat stupid.

(I pulled it up on Amazon just now to make sure I got the author's name right, and... how did people give this five stars?????? It's AWFUL.)
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