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fancy toys and ginormous pillows

I finally got around to screencapping Once Upon a Princess so I could make some icons. There weren't really any good James caps, sadly, maybe because most of the twins' story was given to Amber and her jealousy/insecurity. Which, if this weren't a Disney Jr show, would be a really interesting concept to explore, because the whole thing has been pretty Brady Bunched. I mean, this is not a girl who's happy that Daddy's got a new woman.

 photo sofia-0116full.jpg

Anyway, icons. For myself, because I know no one else cares, but it's fun for me.

 photo sofia-0196.jpg  photo sofia-0738.jpg  photo sofia-1138.jpg  photo sofia-0532.jpg

 photo sofia-1775.jpg  photo sofia-1788.jpg  photo sofia-0740.jpg  photo sofia-0166.jpg

 photo sofia-0406.jpg  photo sofia-0116.jpg  photo sofia-0169.jpg  photo sofia-0040.jpg

 photo sofia-0131.jpg  photo sofia-1293.jpg  photo sofia-1246.jpg  photo sofia-1456.jpg

 photo sofia-1243.jpg  photo sofia-1763.jpg  photo sofia-1745.jpg  photo sofia-1581.jpg

 photo sofia-1573.jpg  photo sofia-1185.jpg  photo sofia-1217.jpg  photo sofia-1070.jpg

 photo sofia-1190.jpg  photo sofia-0779.jpg  photo sofia-0706.jpg  photo sofia-0823.jpg

 photo sofia-0935.jpg  photo sofia-0366.jpg  photo sofia-0420.jpg  photo sofia-0681.jpg

 photo sofia-0513.jpg  photo sofia-0435.jpg  photo sofia-0197.jpg  photo sofia-0680.jpg

Tags: amber is my spirit animal, icons, sofia the first
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