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I wondered, I guessed, and I tried

D is finally reading HF. It's super embarrassing. He started reading it back at Christmas but only got halfway through the second chapter before stopping. He had to start over this past week and read chapter six today. He likes it but thinks I'm wasting my time.

I told him how surprised I was that I expected to like writing Anise the best, but actually Peony and Luke have been my favorites to write. He said when reading today that he could tell with Luke. I said I feel bad that I've made him kind of a dope. But in this newest chapter, he got to be the smartest in the room. And I also always get him laid, so I guess I don't treat Luke too badly.

One of these days I have to get the new chapter started. I've sort of outlined it. And I need to finish my James/Sofia fic. I keep stopstarting it and just can't get to the point of it.
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