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time zoned out

We just got back from a whirlwind trip down to Florida for my grandma's 90th birthday. It's an 11 hour drive, so we were gone four days. We would have liked to have seen her in our own time, but, well, this was my dad's command, everyone had to be there for her big birthday party (except one of my mom's two brothers, his kids, and grandkids, weren't there, or one of my mom's other brother's kids, so...), and then there was no plan, because my mom thought with 13 people, we could just "go with the flow", then she complained that she ended up doing everything, but not really, because she doesn't cook, so my sister and I got roped into cooking, only I didn't know I would be or I would have brought, you know, some recipes or something instead of having to fake my way through mac & cheese. I just can't make it the same way my grandma does. No matter what I do, it just doesn't taste like hers.

And now in two weeks we've got to drive up to Indpls for my godparents' daughter's wedding, and that's an 8 hour drive, so we'll probably be gone four days again, and then everyone wonders why we're not staying long enough to visit, but it's because we have lives down here, and D's still trying to get a job and needs to be here for interviews and returning calls and stuff. (Also, because my parents' idea of a visit is apparently everyone just sitting around with their ipads--it's scary how addicted my 8-year-old niece is to hers; she barely put it down long enough to eat.)

Whatever, we're exhausted and I've got a ton of laundry to do now.

But it was good to see my grandma. I just wish we could have had a proper visit instead of the chaos.
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